Oxygen to debut pastors’ reality show this fall

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    “The Sisterhood” might be a thing of the past, but now Oxygen is heading into the pulpit with Dietrick Haddon for  a new reality show about preachers!

    The network announced Monday that it moving forward with production on a new church-based reality show called “PASTORS OF L.A.” Set to debut some time this fall, the series will follow the lives of six “world-renowned mega-pastors.”

    Dietrick will be featured on the cast alongside Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Wayne Chaney, Bishop Ron Gibson, Pastor Jay Haizlip and Bishop Noel Jones. Oxygen revealed that each of the preachers will share their diverse ministries and  “sometimes provocative” lives they live outside of the church.

    Despite not having much experience in faith-based TV, the network is still excited about the project.  “’Pastors of L.A.’ documents these larger than life characters who are rock stars in their communities, with a fresh, unique perspective that will resonate with our young audience,” Oxygen Media Senior Vice President of Original Programming and Development Rod Aissa said in a statement.

    The show is in pretty good hands considering the fact that they’ve linked up with two pros that know all about bringing reality TV to church: “The Sheards”  producer Lemuel Plummer and “106 & Gospel” creator Holly Carter.

    “By teaming up with Lemuel and Holly Carter  who are some of the best creative minds in the business and heavily respected within this community,” Rod said, “we can deliver this authentic series with integrity, while also staying right on brand with Oxygen.”

    On a network known for dramatic shows like “Snapped” and “The Bad Girls Club,” Lemuel and Holly intended to bring Oxygen viewers a fair-but-real look into he lives of pastors. “I come to this project with a respect and understanding of their world, having grown up as the son of a pastor and religious broadcasters,” said Lemuel. “We intend to portray the human side of these pastors and the real world in which they live and work.”

    “This show documents a journey of transparency from one man to the next as they endeavor to lead others to their own truth and self-discovery,” Holly added. “It’s a dose of reality and a pound of redemption coming from a creative team reared in the church.”

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