Daily Buzz 5.14.13: ‘Think Like A Man 2′ begins production in Las Vegas

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    Future defends Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till

    Future thinks Lil Wayne did something pretty amazing with his controversial lyrics about Emmett Till. While most people, including Emmett’s family, were incredibly insulted by what Weezy rapped during his feature on the remix of “Karate Chop,” Future doesn’t see the big deal.

    “We did the song with great intentions. I never thought it was going to get so much attention,” Future told “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” this week. He then went on to share his opinion that Wayne actually educated the community about Emmett’s horrific murder in a way.

    “I think, overall, with the whole situation, he did bring light, in a positive way, to what happened,” Future defended. “Even though they might thought it was negative, he brought positive energy to the situation because a lot of people don’t know, my dad didn’t even know who Emmett was.”

    Future added, “[Wayne] raised awareness to people who didn’t even know who Emmett Till is to young kids who didn’t even know what happened to him. … After Lil Wayne brought light to it, they had to go and do their research.”

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    2 thoughts on “Daily Buzz 5.14.13: ‘Think Like A Man 2′ begins production in Las Vegas

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