Monica Brown hoping for a girl?

    Monica Brown, pregnantWith two boys and a stepson to parent, is Monica Brown hoping for a little girl this time?

    “Everyone asks that LOL my only concern is a healthy baby don’t mind boy or girl,” she responded when asked the question via Twitter.

    Rumors of a pregnancy first surfaced months ago, but Monica just confirmed them on Saturday when she posted a few photos featuring her baby bump front and center.

    She tweeted to well wisher Niecy Nash that she’s more than halfway through her pregnancy.

    “5months & counting LOL,” she wrote on Mother’s Day.

    Monica expressed her gratitude to the thousands of people who’ve congratulated her since she shared the news. Her friends and fans aren’t the only ones excited that she and hubby Shannon Brown are having their first child together.

    According to Monica, her young boys Rocko and Romelo are pretty hype about it, too.

    “theyre doing a countdown its super cute,” she tweeted.

    Though some parents may find it difficult to make a blended family work, Monica said she and Shannon haven’t had any issues.

    “People make it hard because they put so many restraints and pressures and issues in the midst and all you do is put the kids first. Whenever you prioritize the kids first, everything falls in place,” she told Sister 2 Sister in 2011.

    Monica named Tameka “Tiny” Harris and Alicia Keys as fellow women with blended families who are making it work by balancing career and family.

    “I’m still very much focused on expanding our family at the same time working. You don’t have to cut off one for the other,” she told last year. “I recorded Still Standing through my entire pregnancy with Romelo, which is my youngest. It doesn’t mean one has to X out the other. It just means you have to balance even more when you add more children to the equation.”

    For Monica, having more children just means being surrounded by more love, and she’s been feeling a lot of that lately, as the congratulations continue to pour in.

    “I’m overwhelmed at the tremendous amount of love my husband,family & I have received.Thank u guys So Much!” she wrote. “I can feel the love & Im thankful.”


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