Florida authorities issue arrest warrant for Chad Johnson

    Former NFL wide receiver and self-proclaimed “richly unemployed,” Chad Ochocinco Johnson is wanted by the law after allegedly violating a few terms of his probation.

    Broward County Sherriffs announced Thursday that they had issued an arrest warrant for the former Miami Dolphins standout for skipping out on his probation and missing his court-ordered domestic violence counseling program.

    Chad allegedly missed a probation check-in back in February, then another one the following month, according to the Miami Herald.

    Chad’s probation stems from a highly publicized domestic dispute he had with then wife Evelyn Lozada, which police said erupted when Evelyn found a receipt for condoms in Chad’s car. The man formerly known (legally) as “Ochocinco,” then allegedly heat-butted her.

    To make a bad day even worse, the increasingly unemployable Chad was cut from the Dolphins that same day.

    Chad took a plea deal, which afforded him one year’s probation and counseling in lieu of jail time.

    Chad’s whereabouts are currently unknown, but he does not appear to be hiding, tweeting “Chilly in Pasadena” as recently as Thursday.

    Though it appears his NFL days are likely over, Chad did find some success on the hit show “Dancing With the Stars.” Even though he did not win, his outgoing, often over-the-top personality added to his magnetism as a reality television star.

    Hopefully the next reality show he’s featured on won’t be “COPS.”

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