Top 5 OMG Moments of the ‘Scandal’ season finale

    The season finale of “Scandal” answered a lot of questions and raised as many, while serving up some of the series’ biggest “Oh, my gosh” moments. Olivia is almost killed. Her affair is exposed; Quinn turns into Huck and more!

    5. Olivia Is Almost Killed

    Scandal, Olivia, Jake

    She just got out of the hospital a few weeks ago, and her life was in danger again when an armed woman came storming through the door of Olivia Pope’s well-decorated home.

    Though she’s clearly an intelligent woman, Olivia seems in denial about her own mortality and those who want to see her out of the president’s life. The often astute crisis manager was caught completely off guard, and if it hadn’t been for her own personal bodyguard/stalker, Jake, she may have reunited with Verna sooner than she anticipated.

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