Toya Bush-Harris gives her side of the ‘Married to Medicine’ drama

    Toya Bush HarrisToya Bush-Harris learned at an early age that it’s a bad idea to talk about anyone’s mother, but the “Married to Medicine” star disagrees that that law is absolute.

    “Let’s be logical,” she said. “Of course you’re going to say something to someone when their mother is attacking you at a party.”

    That’s exactly what Toya did after being accused of spreading her co-star’s personal business. While at the party, Mariah Huq’s mother approached Toya about the rumors. Moments later, Toya brought the incident up to Mariah, hoping Mariah would speak to her mother about it. Instead, the two ladies ended up in an all-out brawl.

    “There would have been no right time for her,” said Toya, explaining why she didn’t wait until after the shindig to speak to Mariah about her mom’s comments. Though she did want to discuss Mariah’s mom, Toya said she would never disrespect an elder.

    “In no way had I talked about her mother in a negative way. In no way had I disrespected her mother… when I walked up to Mariah, I don’t think I was being aggressive at all.”

    Mariah took full responsibility for the outburst of violence, and Toya agreed that she should.

    “As a woman, if I have a problem with another woman, trust me, she wouldn’t be at my husband’s function,” said Toya, who felt Mariah should have called to discuss her concerns before the party. “We should have had a conversation as grown women prior to, and it wouldn’t have taken much for me to just say, ‘I’m not going to attend.’”

    Though she supports Mariah taking the blame for the fisticuffs, Toya did accept some responsibility.

    “Do you know better? Yes,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I know that I was raised to never be physical with anyone. That was a first time for me.”

    As for the rumor that started it all, Toya said she and her husband hadn’t realized that Mariah’s family business was such a private matter.

    “Did [Mariah] speak to me in terms of ‘this is family secret’? No,” said Toya, who explained that she shared the information with her husband. “He never knew it was a secret.”

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    Hear more from Toya below.

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