EXCLUSIVE: Tika Sumpter ‘excited’ about playing ‘Haves and Have Nots’ bad girl

    Tika Sumpter is going to be a real, jaw-dropping, ruthless piece of work as she plays Tyler Perry’s newest bad girl Candace on “The Haves and Have Nots.”

    “I am so excited about my role,” Tika told S2S, bracing fans for the fact that her character … will leave many OWN viewers speechless. “She’s a different type. She’s ambitious. …She’s come from a very hard past. All I ask is people don’t judge her right away.”

    That said, doesn’t believe that Candace would be as concerned about how people see her. She’s way too focused on going after what she wants by any means necessary. “She knows that it’s not a very pretty picture, and she doesn’t care. She’s just trying to climb to the top,” Tika explained.

    “I love that I can play somebody different and complex,” Tika said before dishing that she’s got some of the best lines on the show if only for their shock value.  “I think what will be surprising are the things that come out of her mouth. What she says to people is so insane.”

    Tika, who has previously starred in “The Game” and Sparkle, is a very direct person and can identify with Candace speaking her mind. However, the actress feels that her character takes things beyond the limits of good taste–that’s why she has such a great time playing Candace.

    “It’s fun because I never get to be that way,” said Tika  “The words that she says, I don’t know if I would say them so much because somebody might smack me–which maybe somebody does–but I would never say the things that she says.”

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