Tionna Smalls brings ‘Girl Get Your Mind Right’ to MTV

    Tionna Smalls

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    Tionna Smalls is bringing the gospel of getting the man you want with her new MTV show “Girl Get Your Mind Right”!

    Single girls, you may not like to hear it, but the truth is that you’ve got to love you before you’re ready for a relationship. Lucky for you, Tionna will be giving women the tools they need to do just that every single day when “Girl Get Your Mind Right” debuts tonight!

    From her humble beginnings as a self-published author, to her TV debut on “What Chilli Wants”–and even a run dishing out some much-needed advice to readers for S2S–Tionna believes that many relationship problems can be resolved by simply knowing your worth.

    “The #1 thing that I can give any girl is that you have to be self confident. You have to love yourself,” she told S2S. “A lot of people go looking for love in the wrong place. They’re looking for someone to make them feel good about themselves. But the main thing is you have to feel that way about yourself without a man. That’s #1. Bottom line.”

    And it’s not just a bunch of talk. Tionna told us that she lives her own advice and it has never steered her wrong because guys see it applied in her own life. In her opinion, if you’re going to talk about it,  you have to be about it!

    “I love following my own advice becuse people will test you to see if you follow [what you say]. Men test you on what you write about,” said Tionna, who points out that you don’t have to be a published author like her to experience this yourself. With the invetion of Facebook everyone is narating their life, and guys like being referenced as much as possible. “They love to be written about. These men will do anything to be written about.”

    Tionna has established herself as a common sense love guru, and she credits her family with giving her a solid foundation for love advice. “My parents taught me the game at a very young age, and they’re still married,” Tionna stated.

    She was able to spin that wealth of knowledge into her first book, Girl Get Your Mind Right. Even after all that she’s accomplished, MTV felt it was best to bring the show back to her flagship love guide. Initially she wanted to kind of do a continuation of what you saw from her on “What Chilli Wants,” but the network had something more in mind.

    “They turned the idea that I had into a much bigger idea,” Tionna recalled. “They came up with making it the title of my book. They came up with it being daily.”

    She added, “Everything [women] need to know about love, they need to find out from Tionna.”

    Check out Tionna’s latest lessons on love when “Girl Get Your Mind Right” airs Monday-Friday at 6 p.m. EST! First up on Tionna’s teaching one girl that playing nice isn’t always good for you.

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