Omarosa still waiting for apology from LaToya Jackson

    Omarosa Manigault, Celebrity Apprentice, LaToya Jackson

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    “The Celebrity Apprentice” is over, but the drama between Omarosa Manigault and LaToya Jackson persists.

    There’s always tension during the fast-paced, demanding challenges on the popular show, but during one particularly intense team meeting, things escalated between Omarosa and LaToya.

    As a result, LaToya lashed out by suggesting that maybe Omarosa pulled the plug on her late fiancée, Michael Clarke Duncan.

    Omarosa has yet to receive an apology from LaToya, whose lawyers are hoping Omarosa won’t go through with the lawsuit she filed against LaToya.

    “She needs to apologize for the horrible things that she said about my fiancé. Until she does that, I’ll have absolutely no respect for that woman,” Omarosa told “Access Hollywood.”

    According to the former “Ultimate Merger” star, LaToya’s lawyers are “beggin’ us not to proceed and making some concessions.

    Not only is LaToya not apologizing, she’s still uttering the statement that caused the rift between the two, and she’s seemingly proud of herself for standing up to Omarosa.

    “She is a bully, and I don’t like bullies,” LaToya said.

    Watch Omarosa.

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