Daily Buzz 5.22.13: Toya and MeMpHiTz reality show trailer released

    First Look: ‘Toya & MeMpHiTz: Crazy In Love’

    Toya Wright and MeMpHiTz are rolling ahead with their plans to share their love with the world through a new reality show. Last year, the couple said they were working on a reality series of their own. Now, we’ve got your first look at how the show might go!

    On their forthcoming series “Toya & MeMpHiTz: Crazy In Love,” the newlyweds reveal how they make their relationship (and their blended family) work. With two hustlers running one house hold, things can get a little crazy–especially because Toya’s a woman with her own. Of course, MeMpHiTz is no push over and he doesn’t miss an opportunity to assert his position as the king of the castle.

    But all the shenanigans at home are nothing compared to the headlines. See what MeMpHiTz has to say about why his gun charges were the result of an honest mistake (was it Toya’s fault), and the drama with K.Michelle.

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