Sneak peek: Pilar Sanders’ ‘Saving Sanders’ tell-all

    Deion takes the kids from Pilar

    Kal recalls the night when Pilar woke her up in the middle of the night, racked with grief over losing her children:

    “I’ll never forget the night my phone rang at around 3:30 am. I had answered dead out of my sleep to hear just uncontrollable sobbing from a heartbroken Pilar, who could only mutter the words, ‘Kal, he took my babies.’ As I sat there and cried with her, she was completely devastated and blown away. I do not think this was something she ever imagined in a million years could happen to her. It had been a rough few months – doing my best to combat every attack Deion made. Watching my friend die inside, I refused to sit back at let this happen. I promised Pilar that I would fight for her.”

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