Sneak peek: Pilar Sanders’ ‘Saving Sanders’ tell-all

    Deion let his kids go hungry?

    Kal said that after Pilar moved out of their home, the former “Football Wives” star could hardly make ends meet. And Pilar got no help from Deion, who Kal claims let his children starve when they weren’t with him:

    “While Pilar was living out of the hotel those few months, scraping by day-to-day. Now don’t get me wrong, she was not staying at some dive – quite the opposite. We had been on the phone talking for quite sometime that day when I heard her son call his father and say to him, ‘Daddy, I’m hungry, and mommy has no money for food.’ After a silent pause, Deion replied to his son, ‘You can eat when I see you next week.’”

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