Boris Kodjoe attacks Kevin Hart during ‘RHOH’ reunion

    Real Husbands of HollywoodJust like the reality shows it mocks, “Real Husbands of Hollywood” is gearing up for a season 1 reunion, airing Tuesday.

    LaLa Anthony hosts the special in which the cast members, Kevin Hart, Nick Cannon, Robin Thicke, Boris Kodjoe, Nelly, J.B. Smoove and Duane Martin rehash everything the faux drama of season 1.

    “My trying to control all these guys. I’m in for a treat,” said LaLa who may need her man to help keep the fellas from getting too physical, especially when Kevin crosses the line with Boris.

    For “Real Husbands” fans, the reunion show may be the last time they get to see Robin with the crew. He announced his departure earlier and Chris Rock will be joining the cast.

    “He’s been someone who has literally taken my career and guided it in a direction that’s ridiculous. I owe so much to that man, from an advice standpoint,” Kevin told S2S about Chris.

    As for the season 1 cast members, Kevin had something to say about each of them.

    Boris: “He’s playing a version of himself that nobody else knows. And that’s where we channel the best energy from on that show.”

    Nick: “Nick is a young mogul. I say that because everyone says, ‘Mariah, Mariah,’ but you don’t understand how well Nick Cannon does for himself. Nick Cannon is an enterprise.”

    Nelly: “Nelly’s a good actor.”

    JB: “JB Smoove is funny. He’s a comedian’s comedian. In other words, other comedians love to watch him.”

    Duane Martin: “His common sense with finances and what to do and not to do with money is some of the best advice you can get.”

    Robin: “He is the definition of an R&B singer that literally has the craft of entertainment down pat, because he grew up in it.”

    Take a look at reunion show previews below.

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