Kirk Frost hints at divorce from Rasheeda?

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    Kirk Frost may have confirmed that his marriage to Rasheeda is on shaky ground in a new online radio interview.

    Nearly a year after they renewed their vows, rumors have been circulating recently that Kirk and Rasheeda are headed for a split. And while Kirk is quick to defend Rasheeda against any threats outside of their marriage, they’re not seeing eye-to-eye at home.

    And on next week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta,” neither of them seem all that thrilled with the news that she’s expecting again. VH1 has even teased an incident where Kirk asks her for a DNA test to determine the paternity of the unborn child. That coupled with the fact that Rasheeda and her baby bump have been popping up to a lot of events solo, has people wondering if there is any truth to the divorce gossip.

    Rasheeda has denied whispers of a split, but Kirk has kept mum on the matter until now. During a chat with Hip Hop Daily Press, Kirk dodged giving a direct answer about the current status of his marriage, opting instead to explain that working with your spouse can sometimes bring drama into an otherwise happy home.

    “That’s [the business] the most challenging part about the relationship, other than the relationship itself. Rasheeda is my friend, we’re always gonna be friends and that’s the good part about it,” Kirk said.

    “We argue back and forth like brothers and sisters in a way because of the artist thing. She has things she thinks she should do as an artist and I have things I think she should do as an artist,” he elaborated. “With her being a wife, she can do things that an artist can’t do, which again I try to tell her if she were another artist it wouldn’t work this way.”

    Even with all of the ups and downs of his marriage being played out on TV, Kirk’s not giving on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta.” And, if they asked him to return for season 3, he would not hesitate to sign on for another round.

    “I would do it. There is some type of enjoyment that you get out of the work as well,” Kirk told Hip Hop Daily Press. “I’m not looking to not do Love & Hip Hop. There is so much going on in the second season, I can’t even think where [we would] go from here.”

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