Mariah Huq previews ‘Married to Medicine’ reunion

    Mariah Huq, Married to MedicineMariah Huq said “Married to Medicine” fans can expect resolutions to some of the co-stars’ drama on the reunion show, but not all the beef is squashed.

    “It may not be the resolution that everybody’s expecting. I think that it’s a very dramatic ending and I think it’s going to leave a lot of questions for a lot of people,” Mariah told OK magazine.

    Though her fisticuffs with Toya Bush-Harris was the most dramatic and talked about moment of the season, Mariah said Toya’s not the one she has the most unresolved issues with now.

    “As much as I don’t like some things about Toya, I see past it, or I’m able to forgive her,” Mariah said. “With Kari [Wells], I think she is very fabricated. It’s hard for me to get along with a person that just lies from beginning to end, just lies, everything out their mouth is a lie! I just can’t take a liar.”

    There were apparently quite a few untruths flying around during season 1 of the show, but Mariah wasn’t specific about which of Kari’s lies bothered her the most.

    Though she’s forgiven her co-stars, many of whom seemed to support Toya after the two fought, she said forgetting won’t be so easy.

    “I think my husband said it best in the last episode. I mean, you can forgive, but you never forget and I think when people show you who they are, you believe them,” she said.

    Part 1 of the finale airs Sunday and the outspoken Mariah said she doesn’t hold back.

    “ I definitely kind of take my throne back and just kind of let people know this is how it’s going to be as far as I’m concerned,” she said. “It’s one of the best damn reunions I’ve seen…and I watch all the shows. Sometimes you can just cut somebody with your words and there was a lot of that there.”

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