Shawty Lo blames name of reality show for boycott

    Some might disagree, but Shawty Lo believes the reason his reality series never saw the light of day is because of its title.

    “I really feel like the name that Oxygen came up with, ‘All My Babies’ Mammas,’ was dumb from the beginning when I heard that name,” he told S2S Publisher Jamie Foster Brown. “It was just the name of the reality show.”

    The series, which was supposed to feature Shawty and the 10 mothers of his 11 kids, was cancelled by Oxygen after a public uproar and a petition that brought a lot of negative attention.

    Though Shawty has been commended for being an active father in his kids’ lives, he said more people assumed the show would reinforce negative stereotypes of Blacks.

    “A show don’t make my life or break my life. It is what it is,” said Shawty.

    EveRead the full Q&A with Shawty in the June 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister and get a preview below.

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