Is Eve ready to become a stepmom?

    EveEve has grown up. She’s international now, in more ways than one. She’s living in London with her British boyfriend and she’s absolutely in love.

    Find out how she met her love and why she decided to take the plunge and move to Europe, in the June 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister. Plus, she talks about DMX, the scarcity of female rappers and her new music.

    Get a peek below.


    Rapper Eve is looking forward to having children with her beau Maximillion Cooper, but for now she’s happy just being a stepmom of sorts.

    Maximillion’s four kids range in age from 10 to 4 and while it took some getting used to, Eve said serving as a pseudo mother figure for them is working out pretty well.

    “I love it now. It took a minute,” she told Jamie Foster Brown. “I was like, ‘I’m not sure this is what I want to be my life.’ You know? But honestly, it’s been three years now and we’ve gone on vacations together, and they’re the sweetest kids.”

    As is to be expected, Eve and Maximillion are discussing marriage in addition to having children, but it’s the thought of a little brother or sister that has her prospective stepchildren excited.

    “We talk about having kids. We talk about marriage,” she said. “The kids are excited. They want a brown baby sister.”

    Get more from Eve in the June 2013 issue.

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