‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 5.28.13

    DJ Traci goes off at job interview

    We don’t know why DJ Traci Steele is trying to work with her babydaddy DJ Babey Drew. He’s trying to open a sneaker store, and even though they he hasn’t secured all of the funding for the shop, they’re holding staff interviews.

    Instead of having a long list of applicants to interview, Drew only brought three candidates out to chat with him and Traci. Something tells us that Drew wasn’t nearly as focused on finding a capable staff for his store as he was with trying to get a date. Let’s just say these girls were dressing to get chose, not to get hired. We’ll save any further shade on them for another time, but Drew definitely seems to have a type.

    While they’re qualifications were woefully lacking, these ladies did not help their case by talking slick in front of Traci because did not hesitate to prepare for a fight. As buck as Traci gets, Drew is keeping his eyes on the prize–or more accurately her pockets.

    This thing was handled poorly all the way around, and HR workers everywhere might want to keep this clip on file as an example of what not to do.


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