‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 5.28.13

    The girls are talking

    K.Michelle is very vocal about who pings her downlow radar. When she showed up to support Mimi at a video shoot, where she was the main girl, she let it be known that she believes Johnny Crome is gay.

    In K.Michelle’s opinion, there’s nothing wrong with being gay as long as one is open and honest about it. As proof, she said her gay male friends also think Johnny is into dudes, and Ariane verified those opinions! For her part, Mimi said that she’s only seen Johnny with good-looking women, so she doesn’t think he’s on the dl.

    We’re not going to make any comments on Johnny’s sexuality. However, we will say that Johnny eaves dropping on some girl talk is definitely not a good look. Johnny and Nikko were obviously feeling some type of way about K.Michelle’s comments and disrupted their own video shoot to address her about it.

    While it began as a quiet conversation, things soon got pretty loud and Nikko was threatening to end her career. What we notice is that although K was trying to diffuse the situation and the guys were the ones who went off first.

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