Tiffany ‘New York’ Pollard plots reality TV return

    Tiffany Pollard - New York
    Tiffany Pollard aka New York is working on making her big comeback in the reality TV game.

    New York blasted onto our TV screens in 2006 with the first season of VH1’s “Flavor of Love.” Though she didn’t win Flav’s heart, she was certainly the biggest personality on the show, earning herself a slate of spin-offs: “I Love New York,” “New York Goes to Hollywood” and “New York Goes to Work.”

    Since then, she’s been focusing on her acting career, building her Hollywood resume with gigs like her run on LOGO’s “DTLA.” But it seems that she may be returning to the genre that made her a star. During a recent chat with Spoken Entertainment, she dished that she’s been working on another reality show!

    “I’ve been long awaiting a hearty, healthy return to reality television–and the concept would have to fit my life and where it is right now,” said New York, who prefers to go by Tiffany these days. “Fortunately, three weeks ago…I shot a pilot with a brilliant production crew.”

    And even though she’s changed up her public image just a bit, Tiffany said that she’s bringing more of what made people fall in love with her in first place to her new show. She knows tht her fans wouldn’t have it any other way. “The concept is bananas,” said Tiffany. “When you guys see this.  It’s gonna be like, ‘Wow! We couldn’t have seen her or accepted her back in any other way.’ This is true HBIC performance.  It’s coming!”

    In short, expect more over-the-top, meme-worthy moments from Tiffany when her show makes it to air. But the real question is: Will New York’s mom Sister Patterson be making a comeback, too?


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