Mariah Huq defends her mother

    Mariah Huq, RHOA, Real Housewives of AtlantaIt’s doubtful that Toya Bush-Harris is the only person who believed Ms. Lucy, Mariah Huq’s mother, was getting a few licks in during the now infamous “Married to Medicine” melee.

    However, Mariah said her mom was one of those who criticized the “M2M” Queen Bee for getting physical and only used her purse as a weapon in an attempt to stop the violence.

    “She did come down on me about fighting,” said Mariah whose mother didn’t like that Mariah put herself in such a position. 

The fight was a result of Mariah confiding a family secret to Toya who shared the info with others. It was Mariah’s mother who first confronted Toya about the gossip. That subsequently led to the brawl.

    “My mother is my mother, and I love her and support her unconditionally,” Mariah told Sister 2 Sister. “You can tell she does the same for me.”

    Fans of the show likely won’t soon forget that Ms. Lucy came to her daughter’s defense when Mariah and Toya began fighting at a party that took place during season 1.

    “The hardest part for me had to be seeing people ridicule my mother,” said Mariah whose own years-long friendship were damaged as a result of the fisticuffs.

    Though it may have seemed like Ms. Lucy joined the madness because of her own feelings toward Toya, who allegedly spread rumors about her 9-year-old granddaughter, Mariah said her mom was trying to break things up.

    “She was trying to break the fight up honestly,” Mariah said. “She probably went about it the wrong way.”

    That might come as a shock to viewers who heard Ms. Lucy state that she wished Mariah had put more of a hurtin’ on Toya.

However, during Part 2 of the season 1 reunion, Ms. Lucy said she’s forgiven Toya, but Toya, who called her a “bad representation of a mother,” hasn’t quite done the same.

    “I’m still trying to forgive you,” Toya said.

    Watch Ms. Lucy and Toya go at it below.

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