Tyler Perry will listen to critics, but not haters

    TuneIn_TylerPerry_071111.jpgTyler Perry will listen to those who have constructive criticism to offer about his films, TV shows and plays, but if you’re just hatin’ on him, he’s not interested.

    “I get it. I completely get it. I understand it,” he told Oprah Winfrey in reference to Spike Lee and others who have taken issue with his somewhat stereotypical characters.

    Tyler understands why some seemingly don’t get it, but he’s not overly concerned with the critics and believes there’s room enough in Hollywood for his stories and those from filmmakers with different perspectives.

    “We’re very different in the sense that I’m a southern boy…he grew up in New York, but of course our stories are different,” Tyler said about Spike. “It doesn’t mean one is less important than the other.”

    Though he once told his haters that they could “go to hell,” Tyler said he’s not fazed by those who just hate on him for the sake of hatin’.

    “I look for truth. If I can find truth in [the criticism], then I’m okay with it, but if it’s just vicious… I have no interest in reading that,” he said. “When I tell you, I have these messages by the millions from people of how my movies and work have spoken to them or their family. So, the ones who don’t get it are not as important to me as the ones who do.”

    Whether they’re haters or constructive critics making valuable points that may help him improve his craft, Tyler said his fans shouldn’t expect him to take suggestions that result in a totally new product.

    “What I will not do—hear me clearly when I say this—is change what I do, the way I tell stories and who I am for anyone because that would be ridiculous and suicidal,” he said.

    Tyler talks about Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown below. Watch.

    Tyler talks about his haters.

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