K.Michelle still believes Nikko is gay


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    It looks like K.Michelle’s taking it easy on Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost, but she’s standing by her belief that Mimi Faust’s boyfriend Nikko is on the down low.

    K’s taken a few shots at Kirk both on and off the screen, even saying that she wants no part of him and Rasheeda’s “lesbian relationship.” Some have taken this as K.Michelle calling Kirk gay, but she meant that more as a dig on his masculinity not his sexuality.

    “No, I don’t think Kirk’s gay,” K.Michelle told B.Scott with a laugh. “I’ve said it before, I just said that he has four earrings. He’s very feminine and sensitive, but no I don’t think he’s gay. I think a lot of men act like b!*ches these days, so it’s not just him.”

    This week, K.Michelle tangled with Mimi Faust’s boyfriend Nikko for the first time on camera after the singer accused his friend Johnny Crome of being on the downlow. Although she tried to diffuse the situation, Nikko got in her face and threatned to end her career. Too bad for him, she’s not taking him too seriously because she doesn’t believe that he’s got the power to back it up.

    And she questions why he would need a roommate if he’s got as much money as he claims to have. “Nikko popped up out of nowhere saying he’s rich and the guy that people think is gay [Johnny], they live together! And if you’re rich, you got a roommate in Atlanta and rent is only like $1,000. I don’t understand it,” she stated before tossing out her theory on why Nikko and Johnny are bunk buddies. “I feel like he’s lying about his sexuality and these are my feelings, you can’t take them away from me. I just wanted Mimi [Faust] to know how I felt. We definitely spoke on and off camera about it.”

    For the record, K.Michelle pointed out that she’s got no issues with homosexuality, reminding everyone that she’s even gone for a dip in the lady pond herself. However, she is a strong advocate for people being honest about their sexual preferences.

    “I don’t have a problem with anybody being gay, but I have a major problem with someone being on the down low and misleading other people. I’ve been through my situation with a girl in the past and I was very honest and open about it,” said K.Michelle. “If you know that you’re gay, then you need to be that and own it. That’s just my opinion. There’s nothing wrong with being gay.”

    When the “V.S.O.P.” singer voiced her concerns about Nikko’s sexuality to Mimi, she thought she was doing her friend a favor by putting her on alert. “I wasn’t trying to ruin Mimi’s love life,” K argued. “I was just trying to be a friend and let her know about some things I had heard out of concern for a friend. I would never call anybody gay for no reason.”

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