Rasheeda’s ready to move on


    Rasheeda is so over the drama that she’s been surrounded with on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” this season.

    The Georgia Peach told Columbus’ Power 107.5 that she’s all about moving forward with her life. But many “LHHA” viewers are still wondering what that means for her marriage. Although she was a bit candid during the radio interview, she didn’t spill too much tea on where her relationship with husband Kirk Frost currently stands.

    “To be honest, it’s a lot going on, and it’s a lot that you deal with when you’re married and you try to work together,” Rasheeda deflected. “I hate to throw y’all the old saying, but you’ve got to watch the show to see what happens.”

    Things have been pretty intense between Kirk and Rasheeda this season, and there are rumors that the love birds are headed for divorce court. More recently, Kirk tried to throw all of the responsibility for their new baby onto Rasheeda, implying that it was her fault that she got pregnant.

    Airing your relationship woes for the world to see is hard for anyone to do, but the rapper has accepted that this is part of what comes with the terrority for her show. “When you sign up for reality TV, you have to in a sense give the realities of what’s going on in your relationship,” she explained.

    “I don’t know nobody whose relationship is just all good all the time,” Rasheeda added. “This go round, you’ll get to see a lot more of what Rasheeda and Kirk are going through and how we try to make our issues work.”

    When she’s not fighting with her husband, there’s still the matter of friction with K.Michelle for Rasheeda to contend with. Their first meeting this season of “LHHA” ended up in a fight during Mimi’s house warming, and the singer wound up throwing a lit candle in Rasheeda’s face.

    While the drama is still pretty fresh for viewers, it’s the last thing on Rasheeda’s mind these days. It just doesn’t fit with the woman she’s trying to be. “As a grown woman, I feel like we did all that when we was younger,” she reasoned. ” I’m definitely looking forward to moving on with my life and surpassing that situation.”

    She concluded, “I’ve got a baby on the way, I have some great company stuff going. I’ve got a lot of positive things going, and I just don’t need the negativity.”

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