Petition launched to kick Tyler Perry off OWN

    Tyler Perry, Oprah WinfreyTyler Perry’s new series delivered high ratings for OWN, but not all of the network’s viewers liked what they saw.

    Following the premiere of Tyler’s “The Haves and Have Nots” and “Love Thy Neighbor,” one OWN watcher started a petition to have the shows kicked off the network.

    “Remove Tyler Perry entertainment from OWN,” wrote petitioner Eva Vega. “His entertainment is hurtful to the Black community. He perpetuates stereotypes and has no place on OWN.”

    The petition currently has 202 supporters.

    During Tyler’s recent conversation with Oprah on “Next Chapter,” he said he understood why many take issue with his depictions of Black life. However, he assured his fans that he had no intention of altering the formula that’s clearly worked for him so far.

    “What I will not do—hear me clearly when I say this—is change what I do, the way I tell stories and who I am for anyone,” he told Oprah. “That would be ridiculous and suicidal.”

    Tyler and Oprah are friends outside of their business partnership, and Tyler admitted to Jay Leno that there was some concern about their professional relationship ruining their personal one.

    “That was one of the reservations I had before I would do those shows for the network,” he said. “The friendship is more important to both of us than anything else.”

    Though the shows are his, Tyler clarified that Oprah is definitely in charge and has the final word about what airs on her network.

    “It is OWN. It is the Oprah Winfrey Network, so I know how to lead, but I think anybody who knows how to lead, you should also know how to follow. It is her network, so I’m coming under her and what she wants to do. That’s what important is that I honor her and her network and what she likes,” he said.

    Check out the petition here.

    Watch more of Tyler and Jay below.

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