Trina Braxton files for divorce from Gabe Solis again

    Trina Braxton, Gabe Solis

    After an attempt at reconciliation, Trina Braxton has just pulled the plug on her marriage to Gabe Solis.

    Who could have seen this one coming?! As far as Trina’s story line is concerned, the last two seasons of “Braxton Family Values” have been all about two things: Repairing her marriage and moving forward with her solo career.

    Despite renewing their vows about a year ago, the couple separated back in March and have been living apart since then. Now, reports that Trina has filed for divorce from Gabe in Georgia. Without elaborating on the exact reasons for finally breaking things off, Trina claimed in court documents that their marriage is irretrievably broken.

    Trina is seeking a total divorce from Gabe as she believes there is no hope of them making up and living happily ever after. She’s trying to work out a financial agreement as calmly as possible to split up their debts and assets fairly.

    When we spoke to Trina back in the May 2013 issue of Sister 2 Sister, both Trina and Gabe admitted that although their marriage was not perfect, they were each committed to making it better.

    “I think it’s still a building process. We still have a ways to go as far as communication and understanding each other,” Gabe told S2S.

    “I think the television show gave us the biggest mirror in the world,” Trina added. “It allowed us to see our marriage for what it really was and not what we thought it was.”

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