Daily Buzz 6.3.13: Miguel may have caused brain damage

    K.Michelle and Mimi make up

    Despite that bouquet smack on “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” last night, K.Michelle and Mimi Faust are cool. The ladies exchanged tweets

    “All friendships have ups & downs! Everyone go support my girl @kmichelle dope single V.S.O.P.,” Mimi tweeted, along with a link to the iTunes page. “k I really appreciate that , & I genuinely have faith in you finding true love & having major success w/ your music!! I luv you!”

    K.Michelle replied by showing Mimi some love in return, and admitted that she

    “That situation should’ve been handled differently. I’ve grown and I’m continuing to grow. Glad @MimiFaust and I can be adults and move on,” the singer tweeted in reply. “You @MimiFaust are a great mother. All I want is see you with a true smile on your face. See you soon. Love ya.”

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