Dawn Richard hopeful for DK reunion with or without D.Woods

    Dawn-Richard-082912-sngersroom.jpgDawn Richard is open to the idea of a Danity Kane reunion, but she’s not pressuring D.Woods to join her.

    “If she doesn’t [want to reunite], then let the girl be. Let her be,” Dawn said, defending D.’s right to continue on her solo career and not look back.

    Rumors of a Danity Kane musical resurrection began with the ladies reunited for lunch recently. DK fans were thrilled to see four of the group’s original members together, and Dawn said that might lead to new music from the women.

    “What the focus needs to be on is not who didn’t show up, but the fact that after six years, the monumental response that came from it,” Dawn told Pacific Rim. “We haven’t spoken the name DK for years and for five seconds of us to go to lunch, it be that huge, speaks volumes on our fan base.”

    D.Woods told Sister 2 Sister that she’s busy with her solo career and theatrical performances. Though she missed the DK lunch, she might just join the ladies for a reunion if it doesn’t interfere with her current projects.

    “I’m definitely committed to these projects that I’m doing… I don’t want to slight any one project because that’s not fair to myself, and that’s not fair to them as a group,” she said of her possible return to Danity Kane.

    “It’s okay to say, ‘no,’” said Dawn. “If that’s her choice, that’s her choice.”

    Dawn is hopeful that the girls’ lunch reunion might lead to a studio reunion.

    “We’ll see,” said Dawn who clarified that there are no unresolved issues between the women.

    “There’s love all around. We’re too grown for it not to be,” she said.

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