‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.3.13

    Traci shows Drew the money

    After weeks of nagging his babymama DJ Traci Steele for her half of the investment on their sneaker store, DJ Babey Drew finally got the cash! However, the money came with a few strings attached. Specifically, Traci wanted him to hire a competent manager for the shop because she feels that he’s a little too focused on staffing the store with eye candy.

    It was a little sneaky of Traci to hire someone without letting Drew in on the interview process. That was a little wrong. However, considering the fact that Drew seemed more interested in casting his next boo than finding someone that can run his store, we understand where Traci’s head was at.

    And to her credit she found a good looking guy with superb credentials and experience!

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