‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.3.13

    Joseline snaps on Che Mack

    Joseline must have a really short term memory. There’s nothing wrong with a comeup, but problems always follow when you forget where you came from.

    For the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican Princess, the pole is in her very recent past. After just one season on “LHHA,” and no major record deal, Joseline has gotten into the mindset that every other woman is beneath her. As such, she’s pretty disrespectful to other girls for seemingly no reason.

    That said, Joseline gets especially territorial when another woman wants to work with Stevie J. Last season it was Karlie Redd, and this time it’s Che Mack.

    Last time we remember seeing Che, she was acting really wild at a party that Stevie threw for her. Che was doing every earthly bit of too much, making Joseline look (dare we say it) pretty composed in comparison.

    This time, Che was a little more calm (read: sober), but Joseline was acting pretty stank and called Che ratchet. While it’s true that Joseline would know all about ratchet, and she came off looking overly defensive when Che made it clear that she wasn’t trying to pose any threat.

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