‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.3.13

    Drew loses $50,000

    After all the drama of trying to securing funding for their new sneaker shop and hire staff, Drew found out that he’d been swindled. Perhaps he was too distracted by the prospect of having a staff of beautiful women at his disposal to think critically about business.

    Just when it seemed that Traci and Drew should be getting the store decorated and stocked, Drew discovered that his business partner had run off with all $50,000. Making matters worse was the fact that he didn’t have a signed contract on paper from his partner. However, he noted that there was a verbal agreement in place.

    Upon hearing the majorly upsetting news, Traci began kicking herself for not being more hands-on with preparations. But Drew’s mind was on all of the arrangements he’d made for the grand opening. Is it us or did he seem to feel worse about that than losing $25,000 of Traci’s money?

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