George Zimmerman’s trial to start Monday

    gty_george_zimmerman-ABC.jpgThe trial of George Zimmerman, the man accused of fatally shooting teenager Trayvon Martin during a confrontation in Sanford, FL last year, begins next week.

    George’s attorney asked that the proceedings be delayed, but a Florida judge has denied his request to delay the June 10 start date for the trial.

    Additionally, Circuit Judge, Debra Nelson ruled that George’s defense would not be allowed to bring up Martin’s past marijuana use, fighting or school suspensions.

    George’s attorney Mark O’Mara fought to make those things admissible, emphasizing that marijuana use and fighting were crucial to the defense’s argument.

    Judge Nelson also denied the prosecution’s request for a gag order.

    There will be a hearing on June 6-7 to determine evidence admissibility.

    Many of the recent rulings favor Trayvon’s legal team. In addition, it seems George’s resources may be running out. His defense, fund, which was at $315,000 back in January, had dwindled down to $5,000, according to NBC.

    George’s attorneys calculate that he will need another $120,000 to cover impending legal fees conducive to a good defense, or $75,000 for a defense that would even give him a chance.

    The attorneys also noted that despite massive legal fees the neighborhood watch volunteer has incurred thus far, they have not been paid at all, and have even had interns working the case without being paid.

    Martin family attorney, Benjamin Crump believes that this trial will be the benchmark civil rights case of the millennium so far. “This whole Stand Your Ground law has a very impactful effect on our community more so than anybody else,” he told BET. “Stand Your Ground doesn’t work so well when WE say ‘stand your ground,’ but when others say ‘stand your ground’ against us, it seems to do okay.”

    The network’s legal analyst Jami Floyd seems to agree.

    “This can take us in the direction, as I’ve suggested, of talking about the Stand Your Ground laws, conversation about the incarceration of Black men and profiling of Black men in our neighborhoods and communities, said Jami. “All of those are healthy conversations that could come out of this trial,” she added.

    The trial begins June10. BET’s Trayvon Martin special airs Friday.

    Watch a preview.

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