Fantasia fed up with focus on her personal life

    Photo by Gomillion and Leupold

    Photo by Gomillion and Leupold

    Through all the drama with her babydaddy, Antwaun Cook, Fantasia said it wasn’t the uncertainty of a relationship with a married man that hurt her; it was the gossip.

    “The industry was the main thing that hurt me. It wasn’t really the relationship. It was the world. It was me having to turn on my TV and seeing my name all over CNN, TMZ, all over the blogs, all over radio stations. That hurt me the most,” she told Ifelicious.

    Fantasia expressed her discouragement in a media industry that seems to be less interested in talent and more focused on scandals in celebrities’ personal lives.

    “It’s not about the music anymore. It’s about what kind of dirt can I dig up,” she said. “Where can I find you in the street or in the grocery store and zoom in on that zit that you got from wearing makeup.”
According to Fantasia, her days of sitting back and quietly enduring the criticism are over.

    “I allowed so much to go on because I’m so loving and caring and I just want to see everybody happy and at peace, and I don’t like drama,” she said.

    The Side Effects of You artist shares the sentiments of many celebrities, including singer Miguel, who recently accused African Americans, especially bloggers, of being too judgmental of one another.

    Fanny’s no stranger to that, having been criticized publicly for her romantic relationship with a married man.

    “They have made artists unreal. We’re not human anymore. They make us like we don’t have feelings,” she said. “They totally ignore the music.”

    Though Fantasia is no longer dating Antwaun, the two continue to raise a child together, and she described him as “a great father, a great friend.”

    Listen to more from Fanny below.

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