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    Hit The Floor

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    “Hit The Floor” creator James LaRosa loves a good villain, and that’s just what he’s got with Jelena on his new VH1 soap opera.

    From jump, Jelena has been an absolute terror on “Hit The Floor.” She’s intimidated newbies, attempted to wield power with Devil Girls management and she may even have prompted one former team member to go on the run!

    Suffice it to say, she’s probably VH1’s ultimate bad girl–and James cannot get enough of it. “There’s just something about Jelena that just touches my heart and my soul. And that could just mean that I’m evil,” James told S2S with a laugh. “I would say, I love all my babies. And as far as Jelena is concerned, this show is really sort of about women finding their power and holding onto their power.”

    But no one can be bad all the time. James believes that if Jelena played the villain all the time, viewers would get bored, so he’s switching things up with her character throughout the season. “You will see many shades of Jelena this season, which I think people will find very unexpected,” said James. “Logan Browning is a fantastic actress and also plays a nightmare perfectly. You haven’t seen anything yet.”

    With VH1 viewers eager for the return of “Single Ladies,” the network was not going to leave people without a great scripted series to add a little more sizzle to their summer. Producers wanted to put a little research on what to add to their roster to ensure a slam dunk in the ratings, though.

    “VH1 looked at some of the successes that they had, that were really clicking with audiences and wanted to come up with the next great thing,” James explained. “They looked at ‘Single Ladies’ and then they looked at ‘Basketball Wives.'”

    He added, “They thought, “What about basketball dancers?’ So they came to me with those two words and from there the show was born.”

    Since “Hit The Floor” centers on basketball dancers, casting directors couldn’t just assemble anyone to fill out the Devil Girls roster. VH1 wanted actual dancers for the show–and they had to be the best in the business. That might be how Beyonce’s backup dancers Ashley Everett and Stephanie Moseley ended up “Hit The Floor.”

    “There are no pom poms on [‘Hit the Floor’],” James stated. “The women, who auditioned to be the dancers on this show, it was even more intense than even what you saw on screen with the characters.

    Dancing aside, “Hit The Floor” is still a soap opera and that means writers have got to bring the drama, and James said his crew is always going to have audiences screaming for more.

    “The show, while it is all about music and dancing and basketball, our giant stock and trade are cliffhangers,” he dished. “That’s what I love about the show. It really delivers twists. A lot happens in an hour of the show, that’s for sure.”

    So what’s the next big OMG moment on the show. James wouldn’t say, but he teased, “On this show, anyone can do anything. That’s what we’ve learned.”

    Check out “Hit The Floor” when it airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on VH1!

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