Yandy Smith renews ‘Love & Hip Hop’ contract?

    Yandy Smith

    Photo courtesy VH1

    It seems that Yandy Smith might have resolved her contract issues with the producers of “Love & Hip Hop”!

    Last month there was chatter that the New York cast of “LHH” was holding up contract negotiations over salary demands. Everyone wanted a raise, and it wasn’t clear whether VH1 was willing to shell out the cash to make season 4 of “LHH” happen.

    When TMZ.com caught up with Yandy last night, she was dressed to kill and it was all for the cameras. The Everything Girls Love entrepreneur hinted that VH1 might be filming the same night. Naturally, the reporter was curious to know whether she had signed a contract for another season.

    “You know, I can’t speak for everyone else, but I can speak for myself,” Yandy said with a sly smile. “They got the money right.”

    TMZ did a little more digging to find out whether what she had indeed gotten the raise she was requesting. Yandy reiterated her initial deflection, stating, “I can’t speak for everyone else, but I’m happy.”

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