‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.11.13

    Joseline gets jealous?

    Joseline and Che Mack tried to make nice yet again, and this time she kept her cool! She even apologized for spazzing out on the asprining artist. Gold star for her! She got an unpleasant surprise, however, when she found out that Stevie J bought Che a huge TV after her apartment was broken into.

    Despite the fact that Joseline was messing with Stevie while he was still with Mimi last season, she’s getting awfully territorial now that she has him. She must not know that karma is definintely a thing, and a man that cheats with you will cheat on you. While we don’t think Stevie is messing with Che, Joseline might want to keep an eye on that man.

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