‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.11.13

    Joseline dumps Stevie: Take 1

    Ladies and gentleman you are about to witness Joseline and Stevie’s most explosive breakup this year (so far…never know what the future holds). After the conversation with Che Mack, Joseline decided that she was done with Stevie.

    Joseline’s tired of Stevie bringing other women around, and she sick of waiting to complete her debut album. As such, she was letting him know that her career was going to proceed under new management. That’s when Stevie hit her with an insult, calling her a prostitute, reminding her just what she was up to when they first hooked up.

    Although Stevie tore up Joseline’s contract, he still claims that he owns her for life. Can someone please let us know how that works?

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