‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.11.13

    Mimi Faust gets a psychic friend

    Mimi Faust needs a little help making sense of all the madness in her life. Between getting a new place, facing her man’s downlow rumors, and feuding with friends, there’s a lot for Mimi to wrap her mind around.

    That might be why her girl Erica took Mimi to her favorite psychic for a little insight on all the situations. Given the fact that most anyone seeking psychic advice is facing some type of problem, it’s not hard for them to predict issues in a given aspect of your life.

    But the psychic really pulled Mimi’s card when it was revealed that Mimi has her doubts about her relationship with Nikko. Even though she was doing a lot of barking and grandstanding for her man, she hasn’t told anyone that she’s not so sure about their relationship.

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