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    Tia Mowry does PETA campaign

    Tia Mowry’s gone vegan and it’s a good look! The “Tia & Tamera” star is prompting the masses to consider converting to veganism in a new campaign for PETA. While most stars strip down for PETA, Tia slipped into a leafy green design for her ad, explaining why she wants you to consider switching up your diet.

    “I wanted to become a voice for my community. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to be apart of this PETA ad campaign. I wanted to educate my culture about the benefits of becoming vegan,” Tia said, noting that people on Twitter gave her a hard time for going vegan. “There’s a stigma about becoming a vegan, some people say ‘it doesn’t taste great’ [or] ‘it doesn’t taste good.’ Don’t knock it until you try it. The taste is very vibrant. Its very satisfying.”

    But trying some tasty new treat is not the only benefit to becoming a vegan in Tia’s opinion. “There’s so many great things about being a vegan,” she said. “I think number one, I’m becoming more conscious about what I’m putting into my body. And I feel great because I’m making healthy and better choices. I feel so amazing after I eat vegetables or greens. I don’t feel sluggish.”

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