Daily Buzz 6.14.13: Kenya Moore feels personally attacked

    Swizz Beatz has Father’s Day race

    Swizz Beatz is taking on his dad. The superproducer hit a go-kart race track with his dad to see which one of them is really the king of the road.

    This is just one the fun things that Swizz likes to do while bonding with his father, whom he also travels the world with. He doesn’t want to miss a moment with his old man, and Swizz plans on being there to help him enjoy a long and happy life.

    “I thought that it was definitely important for me to spend time with my father–more than I ever did–because the understanding is there. You know he’s still young,” Swizz explained to Centric. “Those are things you look back on like memorable moments.”

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