Things Kim Kardashian might need to know about raising a Black girl

    Stereotypes and prejudice still exist

    The world is pretty cutthroat when it comes to making generalizations, and people often pull out the widest of paint brushes when talking about different groups.

    Unfortunately, some will draw conclusions about how people are supposed to act based on their skin color. Beyond that, there are those that use color as way to determine status and even put others down for being a given race. Even within different communities people put each other down for stereotypes leveled against them.

    Kim has said she wants her daughter to be colorblind, but that’s not the world that the baby is being born into. Sadly people these days have no qualms about spitting out racial slurs and stereotypes–especially online. We think Kim might want to hand her baby some educated comebacks to use, if people are going to insult her simply for being Black.

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