Things Kim Kardashian might need to know about raising a Black girl

    The light skin vs dark skin debate is stupid

    Light Skin Dark Skin Split

    Photo courtesy Tumblr

    Along with prejudice and color, the Black community seems to constantly be stuck in a debate over light skin vs. dark skin. Despite the best efforts of those that refuse to buy into the notion that one is better than the other, it’s still a prevalent and divisive topic.

    No matter what complexion Kim’s daughter comes out being, she should remind her that all shades are beautiful. Being lighter doesn’t make her better than anyone else and being darker doesn’t make her better than anyone else. Having one or the other doesn’t make you better looking than anyone else. Black is Brown is Tan–and it’s all lovely!

    Arguing over who is better based on their skin tone is ridiculous because as we all know you can be several different shades in a year.

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