Daily Buzz 6.14.13: Shay Johnson may have a new man

    Video: Chris Brown’s ‘Don’t Think They Know’

    Chris Brown

    Photo courtesy Sony

    Chris Brown is making a statement about gang violence in his new video, “Don’t Think They Know.” The singer-rapper is rolling around the streets of Los Angeles wearing red and blue–traditionally the colors of the rival gangs the Crips and the Bloods–as he rallies a neighborhood behind him.

    In the song, Chris mixes Aaliyah’s own vocals into his song about keeping his relationship together despite what everyone else thinks. “Don’t Think They Know” also borrows some themes from Jon B’s “They Don’t Know.”

    In the visual below, Christopher (he asked to be called that) also conjures up some holograms of Aaliyah before donning his own pair of wings.

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