Daily Buzz 6.14.13: Shay Johnson may have a new man

    Shay admits she never loved Flavor Flav

    Shay Johnson is one heck of an actress! The “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” star admitted to The Jasmine Brand that she was never really into Flavor Flav during her stint on “Flavor of Love.” She was way more interested in beating out her competition.

    “It was a show, and when I was on the show ‘Flavor Of Love’, I was trying to win the title as the winner,” Shay revealed. “Because we were told during taping, ‘The longer you’re on the show, the more relevant you will be.’ So we didn’t give a damn about Flav.”

    Shay did mention that she’s got something developing with a new man, but she’s choosing to remain mum about his identity. Pics she’s recently posted to Instagram are causing some to wonder if she’s dating a man named Jody Breeze. She posted a shot of him for his birthday and he tagged along to a recent radio interview.

    Could Jody (seen below) be Shays’ new man?


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