‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.18.13

    Miss Shirlene calls out Kirk Frost

    Kirk Frost was about to get knocked out by Rasheeda’s mom, Shirlene!

    Miss Shirlene is usually on Kirk’s side, according to Rasheeda, but not this week. When she discovered that Kirk wanted Rasheeda to take a blood test to prove that their new baby is his or get an abortion, Shirlene wanted to get his side of the story.

    Unfortunately for Kirk, Shirlene was not seeing things way. And when she questoioned whether Kirk’s own accusations of inifidelity came from his own cheating, he simply smirked. That’s when Shirlene went off!

    Kirk really believes that the baby isn’t his and he refuses to take care of another man’s child. Oh, Kirk. You never fail to make us cringe.

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