‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.18.13

    Stevie and Nikko fight over Mimi

    Mimi’s mad that she didn’t get nearly as much camera time as thought she was going to get in Nikko’s music video. She was under the impression that as the main girl in the video she’d have more than a couple of seconds on the screen.

    Steve decided to slide in near the end of the event, and he was not pleased with what he saw. While Mimi wasn’t the star of the video, she was the center of attention when Stevie walked in. He and Nikko sparred over who could supply her with better gifts.

    We love that Ariane had the same reaction we did when Stevie walked in. She knew some ratchet ridiculouness was about to take place and she was gleefully waiting for it all to go down.

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