‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ recap: 6.18.13

    Mimi’s got a new ride

    After Stevie gifted Mimi with a brand new BMW, he thought he’d done an excellent job of making up with his babymama. That’s because he firmly believes that “the best way to make a woman happy is to give her a luxury car.” And he’d be right, if we didn’t also like honesty, affection and respect from our partners.

    Nikko was still steaming about the expensive present when Mimi came back from checking out her sweet new ride, and he mandated that she simply “add it to the collection” and let it sit in the garage. 1) Nikko has a car collection? 2) It’s not his car. 3) Who the heck did he think he was talking to?!

    Mimi’s man got awfully controlling when he felt that another man had out swagged him! And he was ready to fight about it. Up until this episode, we didn’t see why everyone thought Nikko was just another version of Stevie. But last night’s show shined a spotlight on all of their similar qualities. Nikko is a little quicker to get in a fight and Stevie is more laid back, but neither one of them like to be upstaged.

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