Nicci Gilbert’s doesn’t design her clothing line?


    Angie Stone is claiming that Nicci Gilbert’s clothing line is not exactly made in America, or by Nicci herself.

    Nicci cannot catch a break from Angie.

    Angie has already outted Nicci’s once when she discovered “Nicci’s daughter’s charity doesn’t really exist (yet).” reports that Angie is now claiming that Nicci is not behind Curvato’s designs.

    Instead of creating the designs for her curve-complimenting clothing line, Curvato, the “R&B Diva” purchases Curvato’s pieces wholesale from China. Not convinced? This week’s episode of “R&B Divas” should provide more insight on the matter. According to Funky Dineva, Angie’s discovery of the fraudulent clothing line will air Wednesday at 10 p.m.

    In the meantime, you can decide for yourself by visiting Curvato’s website. Are they Nicci’s or knockoffs?

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