Shaliek talks ‘Blood Sweat Tears’


    An 11-year veteran to the business, Shaliek is a soulful R&B singer from the Bronx and he’s ready to let you hear his music.

    He grew up in a house of music lovers where his love of R&B began. “It just always intrigued me. I was always moved by soulful voices and rich music,” Shaliek told S2S.

    A new recording contract with Pendulum Records has given him a second chance at the career that he has been working for since he started performing around the house at age 5.

    His mother played an important role in making sure that he got back in the studio for the second time. He credited her for nurturing his determination. “My mother just raised us to never accept failure. You gotta keep pushing,” Shaliek said.

    “The album talks about real life situations and real love situations,” he said of his latest release.

    One song in particular, “Blood Sweat Tears,” became the inspiration for one of his latest tracks and the title of his EP. “It really symbolizes my grind and my struggle in the business because I came a long way from having a major record deal, to not having it anymore,” Shaliek explained.

    He added, “I wrote this song basically talking about how I put my blood, sweat, tears into this particular female and I wound up using it as the title of my album because I put my blood sweat and tears into this whole project.”

    Sure enough, Shaliek he has not let anything from his past hold him back. This summer you can expect Shaliek to be busy performing and working on finishing his album for its release this August. Until then, you can listen to “Past,” the first single on his new album, Blood Sweet Tears.

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