Kelly Rowland talks R&B, new album, ‘X Factor’

    Kelly RowlandArtists like Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston and Babyface inspired a younger Kelly Rowland who’s ready for a return of that classic ‘90s R&B.

    Though many music lovers complain about how the genre is drowned out over the airwaves by hip-hop, pop and other types of music, Kelly is hopeful that the sound she grew up listening to will return soon.

    “My take on R&B today, I feel like it’s coming back. We were in a circle where it was pulse driven, like all dance music, and I think that we’re about to come out of that,” the “Dirty Laundry” singer told

    That’s not to suggest she wants to do away with the dance hits, but as Will Smith has asked: “It’s cool to dance, but what about a groove that soothes?”

    “You still have your dance remixes because they are so important… I love dance music, but I think R&B is about to make its comeback. You can’t be still when you listen to it. Everything about it just makes you move and feel something. I love R&B,” she said.

    Kelly described the ‘90s as a “one of the best times in music,” and she wanted to capture that in Talk a Good Game.

    “It’s sexy; it’s sultry,” she said, naming New Edition and Pebbles as artists she grew up listening to. “I wanted that feeling for this record.”

    Kelly said expressing her real emotions on the album helped her capture that feeling for her fans.

    “It’s important to allow yourself to be bare and real. Why not? The people who are listening are real people. They have real emotions and real feelings. It’s our jobs as artists and as musicians to give the music that you feel,” she told “Access Hollywood.”

    Kelly talks about “X Factor” and “Dirty Laundry” below. Watch.

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